Due to recent incidents at other meat related fan conventions, we have developed the following guidelines for cosplay at the 2018 SHAMcon.

Food safety first

After the worst trichinellosis outbreak in modern history at PorkCon last year we are no longer allowing any raw meat based costume materials. Chicken helmets, pork masks or beef capes, etc. must all be cooked or dried in accordance with USDA food safety guidelines.

Cosplay is not consent

While someone dressed as a 6 foot tall porterhouse steak may stimulate your appetite, it is not acceptable to dismember anyone for consumption. SHAMcon is all about indulging fantasies, but we must maintain such limits to avoid injury or potential legal troubles. Remember, under that rack of ribs costume is a real person with thoughts and feelings. Even if you just want to lick off some BBQ sauce, be sure to politely ask for permission first and respect the wishes of the cosplayer.


Last year we introduced full-body millimeter wave scanners at all entrances. Some people complained that the radiation partially cooked the raw meat portions of their costumes. However, since we are no longer allowing raw meat in costumes, we have decided to continue using these important safety devices.


The only animals allowed at SHAMcon are those that have been butchered and properly cooked, and service animals. Service animals should not be cooked.

Firearms and other weapons

Firearms are strictly prohibited unless it’s a captive bolt pistol. Prop cutlery should be dulled or at least protected by some masking tape or something. Exceptions are allowed in the dining hall.


Dancing will only be permitted if you are dressed as a human-sized Hormoan® brand hotdog or kielbasa sausage. Bun optional. Vienna sausage costumes do not count.