Hello there person of the Internet!

For my inaugural blog post, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Edward and I'm the co-creator/co-writer of Black Suit of Death. I'm also a writer, web developer, graphic designer, and recovering macaroni artist.

When people say "so tell me about yourself" I never really know what to say. So instead, how about a quick story to give you an idea of my personality? Yes, let's try that.

When I was a child, my parents gave me a plush monkey hand puppet. I named him Mungo and decided he was a doctor. He had a German accent, an obsession with shiny objects and reacted to nearly everything by claiming it was bad for your health. (Years later, the show Friends did an entire episode based on my childhood idea.*) In other words, I've always been prone to strange ideas, and making things up.

Black Suit of Death, for me, is a milestone in a lifelong creative journey. I've never felt as strong about any of my creative endeavors as I do about this one. And so I hope you'll join me and Ben as we continue on this journey.

*If you ask them about this, the writers of Friends will claim not to know who I am. But who ya gonna believe? Come on, you know me!